The Telecom Service in India is mushrooming at a lightening speed and that is so good in terms of the economy of this build-up.
It all started in 1993 when the telecom industry got an annual foreign investment of Rs 20.6 million.
The next big leap was when licence for providing cellular mobile services was granted by the government of India for the metropolitan cities of Delhi , Mumbai,
Kolkata, & Chennai. Another forward step, 19 more telecom circles got mobile licences and it kept expanding to other cities sice then.The rivalry between
private telecom companies and survival of governmental companyy has been one of the big story since. Now, what I have to talk about is the SMSs.
I dont need to introduce “Short Messaging Service” wing of telecommunication. The jammed network on occcasions like 1st of jan and Valentines day do
tell all the story of its popularity.This works on a sms gateway which is a telecommunications network facility for sending or recieving short message
service transmissions to or from a telecommunication network.After all this time travelling in the recent history I want to let you guys visualize the future
with my eyes.

“I want to share an idea of attaching a unique address (something like IP address) for every genuine sms(not for duplicate one -those which are
forwarded) in its transfer criterion. WHAT IS IT? and WHATs THE USE? Did you hear about the ban on the bulk sms that the government of India imposed
regarding the attacks on north east people? No? Yes? the whole country underwent that dilemma. This idea of attaching an address can put an end to such situation.
The message then would have its identity that from where has it originated (which mobile set and which area) that would help the investigation department to find
out the culprit and more importantly the filters applied by the telecom companies can also workImage very smoothly avoiding the spread of messages. No matter how
many times a message gets forwarded its origination address would be same. That would constrict cyber cyber criminals from creating hoax.”

“Second very smart dimension of the concept is that one rocking message of yours can make you an overnight star if it gets forwarded a lot
and it would be merely like twitter with virtual memory(without the internet). The telecom companies then can also get benefited as they get helped in the
advertising sector as they will now have to lure the original tester than the one who just forwards it.”

  It does have a future scope in my likes. Do share ur opinions.


By amitutkarsh

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